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Property Management Total Security System


Property Management Total Security System

The Latest Technology In Security and Management of Properties

Fast, Organized And Efficient Property Management 

Property Management Total Security System is an online and offline system that is specifically developed to help property managers, developers and estate managers monitor, organize and secure people and property.  Our system will enable property managers and administrators perform their responsibilites easily, systematically and efficiently. 

This online security management system will enable the user to monitor all visitors, tenants, unit owners and their activities. The online system can be access anywhere using laptops, desktops android phones or any gadget with online connection.

Our Property Management Total Security System is composed of the following:

  1. security System compressedXSecurity System - Create User Profiles for all inhabitants or duellers in your property. configure user access and monitoring using an identification key (IDKEY). Document personal information, biometrics, system information, government information, work and profession, household and leasing information streamlined to 1 code and 1 IDKEY. 
  2. property access compressedX Property Access Control System - limit access or allow / disallow acces to your personnel, tenants and unauthorized visitors.

  3. biometric system compressedX Biometric System - Get Biomentric information from the people coming in and out your property
  4. ID System compressedX ID System - Generate a Code printed on an ID
  5. v logbook compressedX Virtual Logbook System - No need for logbooks. View and filter information instantaneously.
  6. Private group and system messaging compressedX Private and Sytem Messaging - Send admin messages and notifications to all inhabitants or duellers in your property. 
  7. visitor monitoring compressedXVisitor Monitoring and Request Form - you can now file your visitors even before they come in your property.

  8. move in move out compressedXMove in / Move Out System - easily monitor people moving in and moving out. instantly check the status, dates plus more.

  9. inventory manager compressedX Inventory Manager - the inventory manager plug-in will help you record all items in your property. It can monitor all remaining stock, fast moving stock and low stock. You can also trace or filter items based on the date of purchase or a date range based on your requirements. You can view your inventory on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The system can also perform auto notifications based on pull out / incoming stock, fast moving and low stock notifications.

  10.  equipment history compressedXEquipment History Manager - the equipment history plug-in contains all equipment for your property. You can catalogue all technical specifications and catalogue all changes, maintenance and repairs for your equipment. The system is capable of sending emails to notify administrators of new activities and pending issues.

  11. email blast and broadcast compressedXSend Email Blast and Email Broadcast - administrator can send email broadcast to notify users of emergency situation such as elevator problem, fire and  other related task such as billing information.
  12. visitor tracking form compressedXVisitor Tracking Form- no need to add name and other related info, simply take a photo of the person or his id, drag, drop and save.
  13. vehicle monitoring compressedX Vehicle Monitoring - system can be configured to monitor authorized vehicles and authorized owners.
  14. billing compressedX View Billing Online - users will now have the option to view thier electric bill, parking bills, condo dues and others on their mobile phone.

UserProfile tom compressedXThe system is designed to create profiles for all users and administrators. For extra security administrators can create serial coded, QR coded or bar coded profile which will be given to tenants, lessee and home owners as their identification key. Said identification key (IDKEY) can be scanned using any bar code scanner or administrators can manually encode identification key for any form of verification such as unit no. full name, monthly payment and more. Online request forms can be created for visitor’s scheduled events and activities. Administrators can control and provide access to the public and all concerns users.

Property access half2 compressedX

Property Management Total Security System has an online logbook or Property access log or record. No need for messy traditional logbooks. This virtual logbook is a database of people coming in and out your property. You may search the database if you are looking for a particular user. You may use the filter and search functions to shorten your query. We have 5 types of search and filter functions including filter by dates and range or by access.

The search and filter functions are as follows:

1. Text search- Our search and filtering system can monitor the type number and over all statistics of people gaining access of your property. You can nominate or set the type as home owners, visitors, leasee and more.

2. Clear Filters

3. Search by property ownership

4. Filter by date and date range - Using our filter by date function you may view records based on your required date range. You May now view all property access from a starting day example Jan 1 to an ending date or range example is Jan 15. It’s fast easy and efficiency. Get the results you want in minutes. 

5. Filter by access - The security system will also enable you to check if access to your property was in or incoming or out or exit. You can view how many came in or out today yesterday last week or last month. Imagine how much time and effort you are saving with our amazing security system. 

The Property Access Log/Record features are as follows:

1. View records based on Server Date

2. View Owners Unit No.

3. View Time Differences

4. View Alarm

5. View Name

6. View Ownership

7. View Photo

8. View IP Address

9. View Barcode

10. View Last Activity

11. View Attendance


Web and Application Elements

3 gig Web hosting

Subscription & Technical support 

Domain name (free as long as subscribe)

Unlimited email generation(ex. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Software support (server)    

Maintenance and Database Update

Module update and patches

Component and version update

Weekly Full site backups

Special Considerations: 5 extra pages free

Special Considerations: unlimited Text and image change

Security updates and patchesagainst all forms of hacking (hackers), exploits and intrusions

Security: Malicious IP monitoring and blocking   

         Security: Hotlink protection and leech protection

         Emails: Responders, auto forwarders

         Migration and additional hosting is subject to separate quotation


End User or Clients Capabilities

                     Tenant/Unit Owner/User Viewing Capability:      

                     Search / check / filter database using bar-coded / serial coded data (user if). Serial

        Code shall be individually generated for each user profile

                     Bar code data can be attached to ids, phone, stickers or even email.

                     View profiles by entering bar coded data using any form of scanner or manual

                     Input or encoding viewable on any pc, terminal, android phone with internet

                     Visitor request form

                     View no. of tenant per units

                     View Tenant/ Home Owner / User Basic profile

                                 Photo (3 angles) with full body

                                 Basic facial features tags

                      Date of occupancy and expiration

                                 Monthly Rental

                                 Work / other related information

                                 Name, birthday, original home address

                                 Other basic information

                                 Tenant info

                                             Tenant name

                                             Tenant address

                                             Tenant contact details

                                             Payment type: cash/card                 

                     Member internal messaging

         Email notification to approving parties


Admin Functions and Access

User id or bar code id creation

Serial no Encoding

Tenant details encoding

Access capability of main database

Creation, Deletion and Editing of database

Report Generation and Posting      

Data Encoding, approval and processing

Viral function for Data (print and email)

CSV Export

Email Notification creation, deletion and modification

Internal system messaging, creation, deletion and modification                                                             


Reports and Statistics 

Property Management Total Security System is one of a kind and the best tool in property management. Its speed and power in streamling data can be easily understood using its built in graphs and charts.

Provide Seminars and Training to all concerned

         Data management

Data Editing and submission

On line registration and Account creation 

Property Management Total Security System Specifications

1 ( One ) Domain Only

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  • Disk Space Starts at 3 GB
  • Unlimited Pages and Sections ( News , Events, Photo Gallery )
  • Free Slide Show
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Fully Customized Original Templates, Responsive Web Design (RWD) Optimal Viewing and easy navigation for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop 
  • Viral Component ( Link to FB, Twitter, Google +) Easy sharing Compatible
  • Free Website Updates
  • Dedicated Account Specialist for Replies and Assistance
  • Database Management
  • 1 Online Form
  • and more...


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Who should design my website project?


There are alot of people you can get to do your web design project. You can get a free lance developer, you can commission a website design company, do it in-house if you have your own developers, you can even do it your self and finally you can get a partner.

For us to help you decide, lets carefully describe the advantages and disadvatnages of the different types of website designs


1. Free Lance Website Developers


Free lance developers are those website developers located on line with out any references. You ususally see this guys post their capabilities and sample work on buy and sell sites such as, sulit and more. The most glaring advantage is that they are cheap. You can hire them on a per hour or per piece  arrangements. No attachements, no employee to employer relationship meaning you dont have to pay 13 month pay, over time and others. You can also post you website design requirement on freelance website sites such as, and


One major Disadvantage is the commitment. Since you dont know this guys the chances your project being scratched is high. You have no control over free lance website developers. They work on their own terms and you can not force them to finish your project simply because you dont know them. Collaboration and brain stroming is next to impossible. So maximing your website in terms of its purpose is not their priority. Remember they are free lance and you have to get a different developer based on your requirement, Unlike web  design companies who usually has a team and has commitment,


2. Advantages of a Website design company


There are a lot of webdesign companies capable of designing your website. The key is selecting a web design company that fits your needs. Before we start on how to choose a website design company lets discuss the advantages of hiring a website design company.


a.  For one turn out is much faster as website design companies have a whole team to back you up.

The results are expected to be professionally made website designs because firms have a dedicated person to do every section of your website. These are commonly for design, coding, web concept, final evaluation and testing.

b. You get a responsive website. Meaning it is compatible with all of the latest technologies(mobile, desktop, tables and more).

Not every so-called web design firm or provider has the knowledge or skill set required to create a website that not only runs smoothly on computers, but on tablets and smart phones as well. A site should also be built for adaptability with new and upcoming devices. With a professional designer, your entire website will be future-proof as new ways to browse the internet emerge.

c. You website design looks better, it is cleaner, organize and appropriate.

The quality of the design itself depends on the level of professionalism of the provider.  If you try to just a cheap, pre-made template, your site will look cheap. This is because most pre-made templates are basic with little to no options for improvement. A professionally design looks great AND offers flexibility and customization.

d. You will have a website unlike no other. You will have a custom made website design.

Professional designers know how to make an impressive website that reflects your company’s specific needs and personality. You’ll get a website designed just for you. The template won’t ever be shared with any other company.

e. Fast-loading web pages.

With any website, there are going to be some plug-ins and third party tools used for one reason or another. If someone inexperienced tries to build your site, they might not integrate the plug-ins correctly. The way a site is coded affects the performance and speed as well. If a site runs slowly or suffers in performance, no visitors will want to stick around.

f. It will save you a lot of hassle.

You get what you pay for, and if you pay a cheap price for a website, don’t be surprised if there are problems with it. You’ll still end up paying more money anyway by having a professional designer fix the mistakes. The entire site may even need to be redone. If you hire the right provider to begin with, you can expect to have a hassle-free experience.

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h. Search engine optimized website or better visibility in search engine results.

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i. Any potential downtime will be minimized.

Poorly built websites have bugs and maintenance problems. What is something goes wrong with one of the plug-ins? What if there are any cross compatibility issues? Having a reliable web designer will prevent problems from occurring. Even if they do, a professional will be able to identify the problem and fix it quickly.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should only consider working with a professional, experienced web design team in Miami.


3. Do it in-house or company employees and developers.if you have your own developers, you can even

4. do it your self and

5. finally you can get a partner.