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Booking System


Your Very Own Booking System FREE.

Mtech FREE Booking is a booking extension for Joomla designed specifically for single property accommodation businesses. It perfectly fits all the needs that Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Hostels, Holiday Houses and Apartments might have. A certified booking system that offers a powerful reservation module with a variety of unique functions.
Mtech Booking is fully compatible with its complementary extension Vik Channel Manager: a revolutionary channel manager certified by many portals. However, the extension can also be used alone without the channel manager.

Mtech Booking is a 8 years old software designed by following meticulously all the needs of owners of Hotels, B&B and Apartments. In a world where the accommodation business is strongly affected by online travel agencies, having a powerful booking engine available, makes the difference for any Hotel/B&B/Accommodation.

The extension has been certified by TripAdvisor and it can be configured to work for Hotels with different Room Types as well as Hostels or Apartments renting the whole house. The Configuration page of the program will let you set up the extension according to your type of facility.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable software for your Hotel or your Hotel client, then Mtech Booking is the right solution.

The main difference between Mtech Booking and other Joomla extensions is that the software was not designed to create a portal of Hotels of a city or a region but rather to build the website of a Hotel, B&B, Hostel or Apartments belonging to the same owner.
Mtech Booking does not support multiple Hotels with multiple owners, so it should be used by single properties/companies only. This is not a missing feature but rather something that we chose on purpose to deliver a better product.

Multi-language support (including RTL languages with Gregorian Calendar), Currency Converter (with over 100 currencies supported), SSL support for secure connections and much more.

1. Bookings and Availability Calendars

The bookings list and the availability calendars will let you identify certain bookings and access their information quickly. Bookings coming from external channels like, will be displayed with their relative icon.

booking list v10

  •  Bookings Export in ICS and CSV formats: all the bookings can be exported with various filters like Status, Date, Check-in etc..The ICS format is used by any Calendar software like iCalendar, Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar any many others.The CSV files instead are easy to be read with software like Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice, LibreOffice etc..

admin quickres v10

  • Quick Reservations via back-end: registering new bookings manually will take just a few seconds. Thanks to the Quick Reservation form, you can easily create new bookings and assign them "on the fly" to a new or existing customer, with the possibility of setting a custom rate.
  • Stop Bookings/Close Rooms: the back-end offers some useful functions for closing the rooms on some dates and to register some bookings received over the phone or simply offline.

2. Property Management System (PMS) functions

Tools for the receptionists

admin dashboard v10

Mtech Booking is used by hundreds of properties every day to welcome customers, and to check them in or out. The Dashboard is the perfect tool to easily see an overview of the guests who are arriving, leaving and staying at the hotel.

Guests Check-in made right

admin checkout signature v10

Receptionists and managers can set up the system to let the customers place a signature through a multi-device compatible Signature Pad. The Check-in function is fundamental to keep the system up to date, and to store the information of each guest staying at the hotel. At the end of the Check-in process, it is also possible to generate a Check-in Document in PDF format with the customer's signature.

Thanks to the Check-in function, every Registration can be used to generate and export reports for the various Authorities (Police, State etc..) and for private Statistics. These PMS related features will allow you to calculate Revenues, City Taxes, Extra Services purchased, Top Countries and much more. The Reports framework is also extendible to support any kind of local, state and regional jurisdiction.

3. Rooms and Room-Types Management

room details v10

Compose the details page of your Rooms by using a short description and a longer HTML description text supporting any kind of Joomla Module. Add the pictures of your Rooms and, optionally, also a Caption text that will be displayed in a slideshow. Your Rooms can also be assigned to different Categories to list them separately in the front-end. Configure your Rooms to accept a minimum and maximum number of Adults, Children and total People. For those not needing to collect information about the number of Children, it is possible to disable this setting from the Configuration page.

room details char v10

With the Options it is possible to define some extra services for your Rooms such as an Extra Bed or Breakfast. Add the Characteristics of your rooms for the services included such as TV, Wi-Fi, Pool etc.. For those configuring various Room Types, it is possible to define a number of Units available for that Room and the users will be able to book it up to that limit on the same dates. Manage your City/Tourist Taxes, Cleaning Fees, Tax Rates and link different Rate Plans/Types of Price to your rooms (Free Cancellation, Not Refundable etc..).

4. Prices per Night and per Occupancy

room details prices v10

The Pricing System of Mtech Booking was designed to fit any possible pricing model that the property applies. We know what tools and options are offered to the Hotels by portals like, Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb etc... and so we have added the support for any possible pricing model on our software. Our clients find themselves very familiar with the pricing system of Mtech Booking which is the key for a successful website. The pricing system will let you manage the rates by Length of Stay (LOS Pricing), by Occupancy (Occupancy Pricing) or Per Day (Per Day Pricing). Additionally, you can apply custom charges to the children depending on their age, either absolute values in your currency or percentage values of the adults tariff.

admin rates overview v10

  • Per Day Pricing: this is probably the most used Rate Plan type. Every day of the year will have its own cost. This will let you set different costs on some weekends, week-days, seasons or holidays.
  • Prices per Night by Length of Stay: define the exact cost for every number of nights of stay. You can adjust the total cost for the bookings depending on the number of nights booked, like 1 night EUR 80, 2 nights EUR 150.
  • Prices per Occupancy: it is possible to adjust the prices per night depending on the number of Adults occupying the room. Properties that would like to give a Double Room to one Adult only for example, can define a charge or a discount for the single occupancy of the room.
  • Children's Ages: it is a common problem among Hotels to receive bookings for a Child who is older than the limit they allow. Most of the times this should be considered as an Adult or as a "half-adult". With Mtech Booking you can easily avoid this kind of issues and apply a charge depending on the age of the children. Requesting the number of children as well as their age is an optional function that can be disabled.

offers v10

Seasonal Prices and Promotions: adjust your default rate plans on some Seasons/Holidays/Weekends/Festivities of the year with the Special Prices. Apply charges as percentage values or as fixed amounts as well as discounts on some dates of the year.
Any Hotel/Host is familiar with price-changes during some days/seasons of the year and will find this function similar to the Price-Calendar Tool that most portals have like, Agoda, Expedia, Airbnb etc...

admin restriction v10

Booking Restrictions: this function is what most Hotels/Hosts need to have on their preferred portals or booking engine. Being able to set a Minimum or a Maximum stay is fundamental to boost the incomes.Thanks to the Restrictions in fact, it is possible to prevent an apartment to be booked for example, on the second and third week of the month, leaving it empty or unwanted for the first and fourth week.This is just one aspect that you can configure with the Restrictions.

Apply the Restrictions to all your Rooms/Houses/Apartments or only to some. With the Dates-Range filter you will be able to create your Restrictions for certain dates only or for entire months.

vbo restrictions

  • Minimum and Maximum Length of Stay: this is what most portals call MinLOS and MaxLOS and it's a function to define the minimum/maximum number of nights that can be booked on certain dates/months of the year.
  • Week-Day Arrival and Departure Combinations: it is possible to define on certain dates/months of the year one or two arrival days. This function is very useful for those renting their houses/rooms on weekends or on some festivities. With this very useful function, it would also be possible to define certain combinations of Arrival-Departure. For example, you can define Friday and Monday as allowed arrival days and choose the combinations Friday-Friday (1 Week), Friday-Monday (Weekend), Monday-Monday but exclude Monday to Friday.
  • Closed to Arrival/Departure: the major portals call this function CTA/CTD. You can use it to stop check-ins or check-outs on certain days. Another must-have feature to balance the bookable dates.

5. Automated SMS/Email Reminders and Invoices Generator - Cron Jobs

vbo invoices

These brilliant tools are not available on any other similar extension for accommodations. In fact, with Mtech Booking you can automatize many fundamental tasks:

  •  SMS and Email Reminders to inform your customers before, during or after their stay.
  •  Invoicing system with management functions and an incredible Cron Jobs Scheduler system to let your server execute certain operations repetitively!

Need to remind your customers to pay the remaining balance? The automated Cron Jobs will do it for you! Would you like to thank your customers after the check-out, maybe to ask to leave a review? Cron Jobs are there also for this! Don't have the time to generate and send the invoices to your customers? With the Cron Jobs you can schedule such actions in less than 5 minutes!

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Checks whether the Access Level for the item (article, image, menu item for commission, discounts and so on) is on that list. If yes, then the item is displayed to the user. If no, then the item is not displayed.

4. E-Commerce Based Web Design

Get orders Online from Desktops, Laptops and Mobile Devices.Receive Payments Via Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Visa / Master Card / American Express and DiscoverOur E-Commerce Websites are fast, safe and secure. It has no limitations and is fully equipped with professional functions required to start a small e-commerce shop to a full multivendor and e-commerce multi store shopping mall. Display and sort products by Price, Order, Name, latest Products, Top Ten sales and Featured. Wide range of PAYMENT GATEWAYS to use such as Paypal, Klarna, Sofort Banking, Skrill, and CASH or Bank Deposit 

5. SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Website Design


6. Ecommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimized) Website Design

Talking about benefits, what are the actual benefits of having an E-commerce website? Based on our experience a well designed well developed site with complete and correct seo will bring you the sales you need. A great number of qualified clicks which could lead to a possible sale. Take note that the estimated average traffik share for the first page is 91.5 %. This is from a recent study conducted by Chitka. Exposure and brand awareness that any product needs and Finally the attention of 40 % of internet users in the Philippines which is around 50 Million netizens. Not to mention the world.

Again,if you dont have E-commerce SEO then your not reapping the benefits of a well developed website. At the end of the day, its basically exposure and sales. Take note that i mentioned complete and correct E commerce SEO since SEO has a lot of subjects to cover.

7. Android App Website Design

Allows you to have your own native app as a partner of your website! It allows you to turn your responsive website into a mobile app without the hassle of maintenance, updates and additional server maintenance. Now you can concentrate on one platform. Now you can concentrate on your business.





Who should design my website project?


There are alot of people you can get to do your web design project. You can get a free lance developer, you can commission a website design company, do it in-house if you have your own developers, you can even do it your self and finally you can get a partner.

For us to help you decide, lets carefully describe the advantages and disadvatnages of the different types of website designs


1. Free Lance Website Developers


Free lance developers are those website developers located on line with out any references. You ususally see this guys post their capabilities and sample work on buy and sell sites such as, sulit and more. The most glaring advantage is that they are cheap. You can hire them on a per hour or per piece  arrangements. No attachements, no employee to employer relationship meaning you dont have to pay 13 month pay, over time and others. You can also post you website design requirement on freelance website sites such as, and


One major Disadvantage is the commitment. Since you dont know this guys the chances your project being scratched is high. You have no control over free lance website developers. They work on their own terms and you can not force them to finish your project simply because you dont know them. Collaboration and brain stroming is next to impossible. So maximing your website in terms of its purpose is not their priority. Remember they are free lance and you have to get a different developer based on your requirement, Unlike web  design companies who usually has a team and has commitment,


2. Advantages of a Website design company


There are a lot of webdesign companies capable of designing your website. The key is selecting a web design company that fits your needs. Before we start on how to choose a website design company lets discuss the advantages of hiring a website design company.


a.  For one turn out is much faster as website design companies have a whole team to back you up.

The results are expected to be professionally made website designs because firms have a dedicated person to do every section of your website. These are commonly for design, coding, web concept, final evaluation and testing.

b. You get a responsive website. Meaning it is compatible with all of the latest technologies(mobile, desktop, tables and more).

Not every so-called web design firm or provider has the knowledge or skill set required to create a website that not only runs smoothly on computers, but on tablets and smart phones as well. A site should also be built for adaptability with new and upcoming devices. With a professional designer, your entire website will be future-proof as new ways to browse the internet emerge.

c. You website design looks better, it is cleaner, organize and appropriate.

The quality of the design itself depends on the level of professionalism of the provider.  If you try to just a cheap, pre-made template, your site will look cheap. This is because most pre-made templates are basic with little to no options for improvement. A professionally design looks great AND offers flexibility and customization.

d. You will have a website unlike no other. You will have a custom made website design.

Professional designers know how to make an impressive website that reflects your company’s specific needs and personality. You’ll get a website designed just for you. The template won’t ever be shared with any other company.

e. Fast-loading web pages.

With any website, there are going to be some plug-ins and third party tools used for one reason or another. If someone inexperienced tries to build your site, they might not integrate the plug-ins correctly. The way a site is coded affects the performance and speed as well. If a site runs slowly or suffers in performance, no visitors will want to stick around.

f. It will save you a lot of hassle.

You get what you pay for, and if you pay a cheap price for a website, don’t be surprised if there are problems with it. You’ll still end up paying more money anyway by having a professional designer fix the mistakes. The entire site may even need to be redone. If you hire the right provider to begin with, you can expect to have a hassle-free experience.

g. A quality website will help reinforce your brand. Minim Errors, no broken links, no repeating content and no empty pages.

The way for any business to achieve success on the internet is to establish a brand. In order to do this, you must have a great looking, custom website. It will give your customers the right message about the type of business you run and why they should trust you.

h. Search engine optimized website or better visibility in search engine results.

It’s no secret that search engines – especially Google – LOVE unique content. A professional web design team will be able to create a search engine friendly website for you. They will be able to apply all of the essential elements that will help get your site indexed and ranked.

i. Any potential downtime will be minimized.

Poorly built websites have bugs and maintenance problems. What is something goes wrong with one of the plug-ins? What if there are any cross compatibility issues? Having a reliable web designer will prevent problems from occurring. Even if they do, a professional will be able to identify the problem and fix it quickly.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should only consider working with a professional, experienced web design team in Miami.


3. Do it in-house or company employees and developers.if you have your own developers, you can even

4. do it your self and

5. finally you can get a partner.