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1.Go to start button and search group policy


2.In group policy editor, left click User configuration and find Administrative Templates and click the Windows Component


3. In Windows Components, Find Windows Installer and click



4.After you click Windows Installer , Double left click the "Always install with elevated privileges"



5.In "Always install with elevated privileges" Choose Disabled button and click Apply and Ok.


1. This is the location of the site as localhost or security system


2. These are the super administrators


3. This is the url or file location where the photos need to be copied. Please note that exporting data does not include the photos


4. Same location and same example. This is the file location where tech needs to copy the files or pics


Front End should have two modules added.  Articles Category and Articles - Latest

In this tutorial we are walking you through the Articles Category module

Toadda new Articles Category module oreditan existing Articles Category module, navigate to theModule Manager:

  • SelectExtensions Modules

Click theNewbutton and click on Articles Category in the modal popup window.

ToEditan existing Articles Category module, in the Module Manager click on the Articles Category Modules Title or click the Articles Category module's check box and then click theEditbutton in the Toolbar.

Below is our objective. Articles Category will display article titles and description with read more




below is the settings for the module with regards to the filtering


next is for the article ordering

article ordering