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To start, we would like to emphasize that the secret to making a lot of money online and actually have fun is CONTENT MAKING. Whatever your business you need to make content. Posting content as much as you can is great, creating daily content is also advisable but its still up to you. Just don't forget to make things interesting and viral worthy.


To know more about making money online and having fun, kindly read the tips below.


What To Do After Getting Your Website

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1. Create photos and videos of your products. You may post it on social media and your website

2. Take advantage of the blog functionality of your subscription. You should also post your content on your website. This will help drive more traffic using your website. Search engines like google also picks up your post to display on organic searches

3. You can also use the social media component included in your website. After creating content you may used these buttons to post your content on social media. This is the best approach in reposting your content on social media

4. Create a log or blog of all items you have sold. Include photos and videos and get reviews from your clients. It will be a plus if the reviews are done on google or facebook or any other popular social media platform

5. Create testimonials. This should also be added on your site to generate buyer confidence.

6.  Create an online newsletter or utilize email marketing. You can send promos and discounts to your email list. Please use your domain email provided free in your package. Using domain emails increase credibility and buyer confidence. Again this is content creation.