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Online Reputation Management is simply a process of controlling what google is saying about you. It is optimizing your website and content to be on top of google searches. It is a method of suppressing unwanted content. It is a process of increasing your sales and online visibility. 

This process actually aims to refine the organic search results in your favor and provide online users positive content about you, your business or your company. Reputation Management also covers other popular search engines such as yahoo and bing. 

This process of managing your information and your online data also pushes your content on top of google organic search. As a result potential buyers or users are presented with relevant and positive content that you, yourself has provided. Reputation Manegement doesnt only propell your content up but competitors, negative publicity, unwanted or irrelevant content is also suppressed. Eventually unwanted content is pushed down from thier current positions on google organic search protecting you once someone googles your name or business.

We can not give you names and websites as reference but we can site some actual scenarios and here it is.

A famous News Show secretly planted a guy to get ( record audio and video) sensitive information from a well known company. They posted the video on you tube and other websites to gain leverage over the company.  In exchange for cash they are willing to take it down.  The Company refused to pay and went to court.  While hearings are conducted we helped the company suppress negative content.

We have helped people, companies and businesses regain their respect using online reputation management. We are hoping to help you as you deseserve to look your best. 


Online Reputation Management Specifications

  • 1 Domain Only
  • 2GB Hosting Space
  • Free Website
  • Unlimited Email and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited no. of Page and Page Links
  • Free Animation / Slideshow
  •  Free Contact Form
  • Search Engine Optimization
  •  Free Link to Social Sites 
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Free Technical Support
  • Free News Section
  • Free Event Section
  • Free Photo Gallery Section
  • Free Facebook Management
  • Free Social Media Marketing
  • Free Database Management
  • Free Article Submission
  • Free Digital Recording (once a month, Metro Manila area only) limited to 720p (non-commercial)
  • Free Photo and Video Editing
  • Free Social Media Manager
  • Free Online Statistics Management
  • and more...