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Asian Stem Cell Institute, Inc. (ASCI) is a private medical institute involved in healthcare services ranging from anti-aging and regenerative cellular medicine to aesthetic dermatology and geriatrics.

The first nonhospital based for Human Stem Cell/Cellular Therapy Facility accredited by Department of Health here in the Philippines since January 2015, offering Tissue-Derived Cellular Harvesting and Treatments for injuries and medical conditions of all types.

ASCI is home to a revolutionary approach in medicine where one’s condition is approached from a perspective of not just addressing existing health issues, but preventing future potential ailments.

Our practice is grounded on a keen understanding of the aging process and its consequences in one’s well-being. Furthermore, our approach is centered on restoring the body to an ideal state and improving one’s quality of life.

Here in ASCI, our therapies are scientifically tested, studied, documented and supported by research. World class facility and treatments are comparable to, if not better than, the performance of the best stem cell hospitals in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

All procedures are performed by licensed and well-trained Medical Doctors (MD) and Nurses.  In fact, the founder and medical director is the first Filipina Graduate of Dresden University, Germany and who is a respected and active member of many International Medical Boards and Societies.

 Autologous Stem Cell Therapy is an individualized therapy, thereby varies from person to person. The approach is an integrated one with special forms of treatment depending on the patients need. This include the Hormone Balancing, Detoxification, Hyperbarric Oxygen Therapy and Intravenous Nutrition. Our price ranges from 500,000.00 pesos depending on the patient’s protocol, cost and effective compared to other as we assured thorough service of treatment and value adding to our patients and all of our stem cell processing are done in-house in our state-of the-art ISO 5 Class 100 clean area.