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how to subscribe


1. First is to identify what kind of blog you would like to have. Your blog will be based on the content you will be making. Most content creators write content, create photos and videos some do both. We have three blogger plans for you to choose from

a.Free Plan

We are now offering a Free Plan for aspiring bloggers out there. This comes with free subdomain, free hosting and more. FREE Setup and READY to use. Subcribe now

b.Writer's Corner Plan

Content writers we have writers corner now at 7500.00 php annually. Original price is at 24,000.00. Subcribe now

c.Advance Blogger Plan

Content and video all together. Now for only 10,000.00 annually.  Subscribe Now

Unlike other providers our plans are inclusive of free setup and are ready for use.

2. Next is to simply sign up or subscribe.

a. Upon subscription you need to nominate a domain name such as This will be your official website or blog site. This is your online address where your audience visits you.

b. you will also be given free email such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which you will also nominate or provide.

c. We will need a few information as we set up your site. Such as your tagline, theme color, your logos and your type of content

d. as we set up your site, in case you do not have any logos yet, we will connect you to our tech support team to help you build your very own logo. This will be used on your website and social media accounts. We shall also setup ad locations and ad opportunities as we develop your site.

e. Pages you may expect can be seen here or are the following: 

Home page which may contain your latest, most popular, top picks, vip pass and more


Blog - chronological order of your content

about page 1

About page - which is information of the writer, content maker or its team

 contact us

Contact us - page where your audience can connect with you and your social media accounts. We will also include a location map if you have a physical address. A contact form for possible advertisers to contact you.


Disclaimer page- We used this page to inform our audience that we make money out of our content. We also add legal stuff informing our audience that we do not hold or accept any liability for misuse of information or content made or created in our site.

privacy policy

Privacy policy - Since our objective is to generate income from ads we need a privacy policy. This page states how we utilize personal information and how it is stored. 


Terms and conditions - This page is more on the ecommerce side or items sold on our site. This contains the legal aspect of our products and services. The terms set for each purpose. Although we have a template for this we highly recommend to get a lawyer to review this for you

products services

Products and services - this is very useful in case you would like to offer your services to others. There are a lot of types of blogs and this is great for those who blogg for their own business. Also in some cases you may have your own product line and may want to sell them to your own audience

system links

System links - these are the login page, logout, registration and more

 submit content

Submit content - This is where authors create and submit their content

edit content

Edit content - If you have editors and publishers these is where they can be grouped to proofread content

As part of our promotion. We will also set up membership plans for your audience based on the performance of your blog.  You can have regular members, premium and vip pass. All plans can be configured with pay or free depending on your preference. For credit card and online payment please click this link.

f. For video makers or vloggers we shall provide you with 1 free intro clip and 1 free outro clip. An intro clip is like the main credits of the creator while the outro is used for the ending credits part. Some bloggers do not utilize the outro.  A sample of this can be seen by clicking this link. 

3. Once your blogger site is done we will again connect you to our tech support team to train your own team with regards to the operation of the site and optional page roles for team members if needed.

4. Done. Start making content and good luck