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ONLINE MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS SEo, SEM and social media marketing

SEO (on page / off page), SEM and Internet Advertising

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ONLINE MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS Hits/ Pages Campaign - Professional


Online Marketing and Promotions (Monthly Subscription)    8,500 Php (175 USD)

Acceptance Fee                                                                    65,000 Php (1339 USD)

Maintenance                                                                          FREE


be a partner get all free



Online Advertising and Search Engine Marketing


Monthly Promotions and Campaign monitoring based on keywords

Key Phrase (1st Page Guarantee)                       Two(2) Primary, Secondary) should be related

Key Phrase (tagged to website)                           Ten (10)

Extra key Phrase (each) (1st page Guarantee)    1,000.00

Domain = free for the 1st year (1 domain only/ 5,000.00 PHP (103 USD) annually

Hosting =free for the 1st year – 7,500.00 PHP (155 USD) annually

Email = unlimited

Website = free

Email limit / size = no email limit but size is dependent on remaining disk space

Hosting space = 300mb

Additional hosting

500mb =1,500 Php (30 USD) /month (1 month Service fee and 3 months deposit)
1 GB = 2,500 Php (51 USD) /month (1 month Service fee and 3 months deposit)
2 GB = 3,500 Php (72 USD) /month (1 month Service fee and 3 months deposit)

Positive SSL Certificate = 3,000.00 Php (62 USD) / year

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All SEO Packages includes the following

Unlike other developers we carefully study your target market, your products, and your services and then we create your website. We can help you build the best website that will attract customers using high valued keywords. That's the benefit of being a Google partner.

Free Blog Sites Promotion (at least 100 site lists) - We promote your website to hundreds of blog sites.

Free Mirror Sites Online Promotions (45 site list creations) - WE create different aspects of your site (which we all mirror sites) and promote it on different online website creating system.

Free Classified ADs (at least 350 sites) - We submit relevant contents from your website specially services and others such as sales, promotions and discounts on classified ads websites.

Free Article submission Promotions (at least 200 sites) - We submit important contents from your website especially sales, promotions and discounts on various websites.

Free Social Media marketing (at least 200 sites) - we create social media pages and promote your website and its content on your social media.

* Please select or nominate two key phrases that will represent our campaign. The two (2) phrases will be your online campaign battle cry.

*We guarantee first page placement for organic searches for Google. We do not however guarantee single word matching or single keywords

*Our guarantee is for key phrases with a minimum of three (3) words. You as the subscriber and undersigned agree that our guarantee does not take effect unless all requirements in relation to the campaign have been fulfilled of completed.