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CMS Website Development with unlimited user groups, unlimited user and unlimited pages.

Mayaritech's Content Management System (CMS) Website Development enables you to add and edit content on the fly. Our CMS Website Development provides you access to all your content plus the capability to customize all parts, sections and categories of your website.  Access to your website is 24/7 and 7 days a week. As long as you have internet connection, computer, laptop and even your mobile phones you can access your CMS Website. You can also create groups and delegate work and responsibilities with custom access levels such as editor,administrator

Access Control List configuration

Access and capabilities that can be customized based on your requirements.



Applications and Examples

User Groups

Create groups (Public, Registered, Author, Editor, Publisher, Manager, and Administrator)

Example for a News Site

  1. Administrator
  2. Registered User
  3. Author/Creator
  4. Editor
  5. Publisher

Unlimited user-defined GroupsThese groups will be defined based on access and privileges on the site. Example Author can create articles, editorials and write ups but can not publish his work for public viewing. The Publisher can publish and create articles and content under his management but can not add users. The administrator will have full access to everything

Users & Groups

A User can be assigned to multiple groups

 If needed a user can have access based on grouping

Access Levels

Access Levels (Public, Registered, Special)

Customers can be the registered users and unregistered or public users 

For a Real Estate Website Registered members could be agents, brokers can be Authors and Publishers and more…

Unlimited user-defined Access Levels

Public User / Viewer– Can be seen with out registration or logging  in

Registered User / Member – users with complete registration details. This can be accomplished simply by a valid email and password. Or as complex and detailed as you require

Special – users with special admin access are normally given full site access. Impotant functions namely delete and edit of content.

Access Levels & Groups

Provide specific manageability. Administrators could also have specific capabilities such as approve articles and the others is to approve photos

Groups are assigned to Access Levels. Any combination of Groups can be assigned to any Access Level. This is specially effective and implimented on large organizations or sites with a big number of users and functions.

Mayaritech shall provide a very flexible Access Control List, with unlimited Groups and Access Levels, and the ability to assign one User to multiple Groups and any Groups to any Access Level.

Custom Access for Viewing and Doing

Mayaritech will customize the Access control list system into two completely separate systems. One system controls what things on the site users can view. The other controls what things users cando (what actions a user can take). The ACL for each is set up differently and customized based on the clients requirements.

Provide Control for What Your Clients/Users Can See

Controlling what users can see is done as follows:

  1. Create the different User Groups required for the site. Each Group can be thought of as a role that a user will have for the site. Keep in mind that one User can be a member of one or more Groups. If desired, groups can have parent groups. In this case, they automatically inherit the Access Levels of the parent group.
  2. Create the set of Access Levels required for the site. This could be a small number or a large number depending on the number of different groups and how many categories of items there are. Assign each Access Level to one or more of the User Groups created for the groups on the first customization...
  3. Assign each item to be viewed to one Access Level based on the requirements. Items include content items (articles, contacts, images, data, price and so on), menu items, and modules.

Any time a user is about to view an item on the online Data management Site, the program checks whether the user has access to the item, as follows:

  1. Creates a list of all the Access Levels that the User has access to, based on all Groups that the User belongs to. Also, if a group has a parent group, access levels for the parent group are also included in the list.
  2. Checks whether the Access Level for the item (article, image, menu item for commission, discounts and so on) is on that list. If yes, then the item is displayed to the user. If no, then the item is not displayed.

CMS Website Specifications

1 ( One ) Domain Only

We Provide Everything For You To Concentrate On What You Do Best !

  • Disk Space Starts at 500 MB
  • Unlimited Pages and Sections ( News , Events, Photo Gallery )
  • Free Slide Show
  • Free Website 
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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