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Talking about benefits, what are the actual benefits of having an E-commerce website? Based on our experience a well designed well developed site with complete and correct seo will bring you the sales you need. A great number of qualified clicks which could lead to a possible sale. Take note that the estimated average traffik share for the first page is 91.5 %. This is from a recent study conducted by Chitka. Exposure and brand awareness that any product needs and Finally the attention of 40 % of internet users in the Philippines which is around 50 Million netizens. Not to mention the world.

Again,if you dont have E-commerce SEO then your not reapping the benefits of a well developed website. At the end of the day, its basically exposure and sales. Take note that i mentioned complete and correct E commerce SEO since SEO has a lot of subjects to cover. 

I sugggest you get back to your developer and discuss what you have learned or check what services he has actually rendered. The thing is most website progammes or web developers include SEO on there offer sheet or services. You as the buyer dont understand what kind of SEO to buy. He ends up telling you that the site is Search Engine Optimize and you accept it, not knowing that what he did wont ever put you on the top of any search engine.

Like i have said, SEO is a large topic and you need to be specific.  Tell your developer you need on page SEO, off page SEO and E commerce SEO. Another problem is not everyone can provide all the services that you'll need. Lucky for you can do all of these for you.

Anyway According to online independent bodies 1st page websites receive around 70 to 90 percent click rate. Links or wbsites on the first line get 40 % click rate the second get 20, the third gets 5 and the rest is divided on the remaining links. Safe to say its around 20 % for the rest. Seldom do searchers go and search on the second page. Studies like this prove how important E-commerce seo is. This also proves that websites positioned no 1 on the first page has a big advantage over the others.

Assuming your on the top page of google,yahoo and bing. The next question is how to maintain your position as no 1 in search engines. An e commerce website will have these common problems and i have solutions that we implement our our clients so that they maintain their status.

1. E commerce websites always have promotional materials, promotional codes and promotional items. As part of our account management we advice our clients to have promos thats timely or seasonal. Having said that this are not permanent. So after the promo most web developers would take them out, delete them or unpublish them. Unfortunately this is not good for SEO as this would create bad links and ultiamtely degrade your position. the best solution is to delete them. There is no straight forward approach here as to Mayaritech's solution would depend on the design and intention of the site.

So depending on the situation and the design we advice clients not to delete promos.

2. E Commerce websites will have out of stock items. So what do we do with this out of stock items? do we unpublish them? The answer will depend again on the situation but as much as possible, the answer is "NO". Like we have said on our other articles, one of this is titled " SEO | What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)". Once google has indexed that article or in this case your out of stock item/product, it will already be part of googles' database. This means that this link can be presented to potential searchers. Well assuming that it was searched by a user specifically or in other words that user typed the specific title in google search. I am being specific here because it is impossible to be ranked high if your site is not managed well. For example, your user typed " Yellow Long Sleeves Polo Shirt with mark ". This is a very specific search and if this has been indexed it will be presented by the search engine used.. Now if this is a broken link then that will hurt your ranking and placement on google or any other search engine for that matter. No body wants to be presented with a blank or an error. Google doesnt like this and so do other search engnes.

The frequency of indexing your site depends on how popular your site is and on how it is ranked. Google and other search engines like yahoo and Bing visit your site or send crawlers to your site, to perform indexing to keep their databse uptodate. In turn this will help thier respective users get fresh and uptodate information. Remeber search engine crawlers visist a site depending on its popularity, importance, reliability and other algorithyms specific to the search engine themselves. 

3.  What to do with expired, abandoned or end of life products? This is another situation that every ecommerce site wll experience. This is something that we as developers or store owners have to face. Actually for us SEO Services Philippines provider this is un acceptable. There are two things that we think is best to handle this situation. Now in our case since we provide website management we simply replace the buttons with an inquire now or ask vendor button. Of course we need to inform our client, the vendor owner and the buyer. For the buyers this is done by editing the content with the proper tags and headlines.

The second is taking it out and adding a redirect to a 410 status code (gone). In this specific case this is much better than a 404 status because a 410 Gone will notify Google that the page has been permanently removed and will never return. Technically once the search engine has receive or upon receiving a 410 status code, the search engine should not request the data or resource again in the future. In our case the product that has expired or abandoned. In addition, Search engines such as google, yahoo and bing should remove the data/resource from their indices. 

4. Present Related Products.

5. Add Relative Content.

6. Optimize Product images by resizing images, adding meta tags and alternate text. It is also important to provide a very convincing and interesting Product photo.

7. Check for errors using third party apps

8. Check side loading speed using GT Metrix, Pingdom,Pagespeed and Yslow.

GT Metrix- It is  free tool that analyzes your page's speed and performance. It uses PageSpeed and YSlow so it has a lot of features integrated into one tool. What is great about GTmetrix is that it generates scores or grades for your pages. Another is that it offers or provides actionable recommendation and information on how to optimize your website. It tells you a lot more than your website performance. They have reports that gives you the full picture on how your site loads, it gives you insights on how well your site loads and helps you detect where bottlenecks are. 

Another usefull feature is that it tracks or creates a history of your site. Using this feature you can track your progress.

Pingdom - It wsa built as a Website Speed Test tool to help developers or site owners like you to analyze the load speed of your websites and eventually learn what to impliment or do to make them load faster. It lets you identify specifically what it is about a web page or what is in your website that is fast, slow, too big, what optimization procedures and practices that you’re not following, that you have forgotten, that you don't know and more. 

Base on our experience is quite straight forward and easy-to-use for beginners and experienced webmasters alike. 

To be continued

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