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We are your SEO Specialists in Manila Philippines.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO Company has been in the business since 2004. Our prices are affordable and friendly. Our SEO Specialists / Experts are all trained and can make your website visible on the first page of internet searches. In fact our seo services are guaranteed, meaning we guarantee our results, we guarantee your website being visible on the first page.

Our SEO services are tried and tested. As you browse our website you can see live proof of our seo services. Please try them now


Our SEO Process

There is no fast and easy way in doing SEO. In fact we do it between 3 to four months. Our seo process has two main categories which is on page seo and off page seo. Our seo process involves the following steps.

 On Page SEO

1. Domain optimization - this is the first step we evaluate. We need to come up with a domain that is short easy to remeber and is related to the business or service you have to offer. Nevertheless if you already have something in mind we can still make it work. We understand that you might want to use your company name or personal name and we get you, Our seo experts can still help you be on the first page.


2. Keyword Selection - We will ask you to choose atleast 10 keywords related to your business. We need this to identify the shortest way to describe you website, Remember users use search engines such as google to search for a product or service or keyword and not always your company name.


3. Keyword Analysis - We take your keywords and check the actual traffic your keyword is worth. As SEO experts and as an seo company or agency we have tools to check if the keyword you have chosen is actually valuable, Meaning we determine the number of hits your keyword generate at a specific time period. Hacing this information we can now recommend tha appropriate keyword will be used for the site. This keyword will potentially drive traffic to your website based on the database that we have.


4. We use google trends - To help you with your sales we now use google trends. Our seo agency will now study your keywords trends or pattern. We can analize the days, weeks and months and even years of your keywords performance or traffic. With this information we can determine the specific time frame your prodct or services was in high in demand, normal or average.


5. Ww stduy your competition - this is simple and easy to get. Your compettion also has his own clients, we need to learn what other clients want


6. Web dsign


7. Website loading speed - optimization of page, server calls, page weight


8. Content- They say content is king. The only reason clients will come back or for repeat orders we need content. We need content for them to comeback.



OUR SEO SERVICES ARE GUARANTEED TO PLACE YOU ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE SEO Marketing SEO Company / Agency Our SEO Agency has a team of SEO Experts that has guaranteed results. Be on top of search and engines like google and increase website traffic and sales.

Just Like Engr Nino who has scaled and reached the top of Mt Halcon, which is one of the toughest mountains to climb on the Philippines, so do we Mayaritech would like to take you and your website on top. We can put you on the first page of the most popular search engines using your desired key pharase based on your business and its related key words.

To make things short please indulge me and open google search engine and type "Coffee Vending Machine". You will see on the first page or the screen shot below

Screenshot barista compressedX


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Talking about benefits, what are the actual benefits of having an E-commerce website? Based on our experience a well designed well developed site with complete and correct seo will bring you the sales you need. A great number of qualified clicks which could lead to a possible sale. Take note that the estimated average traffik share for the first page is 91.5 %. This is from a recent study conducted by Chitka. Exposure and brand awareness that any product needs and Finally the attention of 40 % of internet users in the Philippines which is around 50 Million netizens. Not to mention the world.

Again,if you dont have E-commerce SEO then your not reapping the benefits of a well developed website. At the end of the day, its basically exposure and sales. Take note that i mentioned complete and correct E commerce SEO since SEO has a lot of subjects to cover. 

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