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socialmedianetpod image compressedXOne Integral part of our Search engine Marketing service is Social media marketing.  Being number 1 on google is one thing, one very important thing while Utilizing Social Media Marketing is another. Together it provides a complete powerfull package.  Google provides website owners with qualified and targeted buyers and Social Media Marketing will handle exposure, online presence and massive traffik.

Our Social media marketing service includes promotions on all flatforms specially facebook, Google, youtube, instagram and more. We also provide free photo editing, video editing, taping and recording of voice and video campaigns. Please take note that our recording campaigns are only optimized for social media and not the wide screen.

In terms of websites, webportals and apps, we created plugins and modules readily available to promote your content, articles and photos. Mayaritech offers free websites that can automatically connect to your favorite social sites. Emphasis is given on your target market, family, relatives, friends and audience for testimonies, comments and easy sharing. You can Get Likes on your page using facebook, get followers from twitter and create circles on Google plus. All of these are available together with our free website services.

Social Media marketing is very important to help your website get clients. In fact most purchases is contributed to testimonies and endorsements made by friends and families online. Reading positive comments, feedbacks and actual usage experiences from happy customers will help your brand in more ways than one.

Get dedicated account specialist that will provide accomodation, assistance and reply to all client and buyer inquiry.

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