Before you proceed, please take time to read certain rules we observe. Please note that you can learn more by going to our website mayaritech.com

All works carried out by Mayaritech with regards to One Time Payment Website and Lifetime use website will be subject to the following


Terms and Conditions of Service



1. Photos. The template contains photos but is not part of any sale. Please send us your content such as photo and write ups. We offer content writing for 1000 Php equivalent to not more than 2000 words to be used on your website.

2. Templates. We have free and paid templates. You can choose from free & paid templates. Free templates are already included in our packages or subscriptions. While an additional of 800 Php For paid templates. We also have premium templates which may have price variations.

3. If you have chosen a template, please inform us as soon as possbile via email or chat messenger and please send us your content, photos, images and vidoes for us to start your website. Once you have chosen a template you make request a change in template subject to addiitional charges and fees

4. Custom Domain. Once you have confirmed your custom domain via email, text or messenger. It may no longer be changed or replace. Refund is also no longer available.

5. Official Receipt. Please note that payment we charge is without vat and OR or collection receipt. Our prices are all
introductory / promo prices. Please add 100% of the amount for vat / OR issuance.

6. Revisions and Changes. For changes or revisions that you may have, we provide one time renovation / redesign request upon initial turnover. You are given 24 hours to email us all your request, after that any changes shall be subject to additonal charges or quotation. In case your plan states otherwise, your plan will prevail. Mayaritech reserves the right to accept or decline any changes or revisions requested by you as the client.

7. We implement themes and templates to make your life easier. By utilising themes and templates you may easily visualized the end result of your website. Thus revisions and customizations is limited to the templates capacity. You shall be given a guide once you have selected a template that corresponds to the editable areas of the template

8. CMS. Once you have received your website, we shall teach you how to manage your content Management System website ( CMS ). You will learn how to add / edit contents and perform maintenance to keep your site on tip top shape.

9. Fair Use Policy. Although you are given unlimited pages for you to add more content, we have a fair use policy limiting
your hosting to 500mb. You may increase hosting space subject to additional quotation and payment anytime you deem necessary.

10. Site Acceptance. During acceptance, mayaritech will email all information necessary for you to maintain your site. including usernames and paswords and other information required for site access is necessarry

11. Money Back Guarantee. Our money back guarantee covers return of payment if mayaritech fails to deliver its promise or we have failed to produce or create the product, subscription or plan you have purchased. Any other cause or reason for you to claim your payment or for you to avail our money back guarantee will de denied. Unfortunately sending money entales bank charges, conversion of currency also has bank charges.

12. Proof Reading. Responsibility of final proof reading of website content lies with the client

13 . Copyright.  Mayaritech highly recommends the  use of client-provided videos, graphics or images for use in the website and its pages, We do not check the copyright of images you provided; this is the responsibility of the client and does Mayaritech do not take any responsibility for vidoes, images, grapics and photos posted on your website

14. Site Health. Keeping your websites, data and files correct, inorder, working, updated and usuable is your responsiblity. We do not take or carry any responsibility of ensuring that your websites is working and in order. We shall not check the status of your website at anytime as it is you, as the owner, who has full responsibility and liability for it.

15. Security and Backups Mayartiech has its own security protocals to keep all websites and data safe and secure. We offer daily backups which we retailn also with in that day. However, Mayaritech will not be responsible for the general security and availability of clients sites. We will work with you in restoring the site if this becomes necessary and if backups are availalbe, but the cost of doing this will be subject to additional charges as deemed necesseary by mayaritech.

16. Support. Once you have accepted the website, We shall provide support limited to inquiries and guidance only. You may make a support request via email or messenger.